Monday, November 26, 2007

heroes season 2

i was watching heroes a while ago..

i have finished episodes 1 to 6. I really thought that this season would be so much better than the first one but sadly i was disappointed. it did not meet my expectations. there were some parts that were a little boring for me. and i kind of feel a little left out with regards to what happened to natahan. the new characters alejandro and maja were really interesting at first but as it progressed they were becoming to irritate me. they were always doing the same things and saying the same lines. thanks goodness kristen bell showed up on episode 5! i hope she kills that hideous irish girl who is lip-locking with peter "no more bangs" pitrelli. by the way is parkman and dr. suresh living together? it seems a little off. i mean they don't look good as a couple. :p even though i did not like the first 6 episodes of season 2 i must say i am still going to keep on watching! who knows.. something exciting might happen!