Monday, December 3, 2007

gossip girl s1

hey hey!

i watched gossip girl episodes 1 to 8 last week by the way. It was really really awesome! man! all of the characters have great lines and the artists playing the roles are also great.

At first i liked serena because she looked perfect with her beautiful looks and wonderful clothes but as the show progressed i was focusing more on blair waldorf! i love her lines. she is so witty and wickedly charming. i must say leighton meester does a great job of portrayng the role.

By the way i just wanna say that Chance crawford playing nate archibald is really hot! the only problem is he is so bland!! i hope he does better. chuck bass is the man! and it's funny because he is such a playboy but suddenly falls inlove with **** haha.. that is so cute!

i wouldn't know if they are doing a good job in representing the book cause i have never read the gossip girl book
so i have no idea.

so i am really wondering who the real gossip girl is. i know who the voice is.. it's kristen bell!! she has a very smooth voice!! i like it.. haha..
i'll be watching episode 9 in a while so i'll update you guys later!